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1904-O VAM-35

1904-O VAM-35 Doubled Left Reverse, Counter Clash Obverse Doubling

Discovered by Michael Ash, March 2006. Revised 2010.
35 (revised) III21 · C4n (Doubled Left Reverse, Counter Clash Obverse Doubling) (189) I-3 R-5
Obverse III21– Very slightly doubled profile of nose, lips and chin. Polished die with diagonal die clash line from jaw and clashed G next to neck removed except for faint ticks. Counter clash die marks with doubled nose, lips and back of Phrygian cap below ribbon.
Reverse C4n– Slightly doubled UNITED STATES OF A bottom inside of letters towards rim, tops of In G, feather cross lines at tip of eagle’s right wing, outside leaves of top two leaf clusters in left wreath and outside leaves above LAR.
Die marker: Single diagonal polishing line from below eagle’s beak.

1. The clashing and counter-clashing on the obverse with no corresponding clash on the reverse is due to a rotated die clash of the VAM 18.2 die pair, after which the obverse die was polished and put into service with a new reverse die, making VAM 35.


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The drop dead die markers for the V35/V35A/V35B obverse are the following:



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