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(Additional Photos:)
(LVA Plate Photos:)
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= LVA Plate Photos: =
= LVA Plate Photos: =
[[image:1904OV30D1plate1.jpg| 350px]] [[image:1904OV30D1plate2.jpg| 350px]]<br>
[[image:1904OV30D2plate1.jpg| 350px]] [[image:1904OV30D2plate2.jpg| 350px]]
= Additional Photos: =
= Additional Photos: =

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1904-O VAM-30 Doubled Profile, High O Tilted left

Discovered by Paul Pierce, April 2002. Revised 2011
30 III2 7 · C4h (Doubled Profile, High O Tilted left) (181) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 7 -
Die #1 Die Marker: Diagonal polishing line in lower left serif of R in LIBERTY.
Die #2 Die Marker: Diagonal scratches in hair at jaw-neck junction (same dies as VAM-36/36A).
Reverse C4h -
Die #1 Die Marker: Diagonal polishing lines in wing-neck gap. Occurs with obverse Die 1.
Die #2 Die Marker: Die chips in We Tru. Same die as VAM-30B.



LVA Plate Photos:

1904OV30D1plate1.jpg 1904OV30D1plate2.jpg
1904OV30D2plate1.jpg 1904OV30D2plate2.jpg

Additional Photos:

Die Pair #1.

Die Pair #2.

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Pictures on loan to VAMworld courtesy Kurt R. Johnson, attributed by Kurt R. Johnson.