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Diagnostic Page & Study 1903-P VNA-14
Posted Coin Comments:

I'm somewhat stumped on this coin. It has the markings of a possible VAM-12A, but the date position is not right. The reverse gives me pause as well. I would appreciate any constructive input to determine if this is a listed VAM or a possible new variety. Thank you in advance....Andrew

Posted Coin Comments:

  • Date is set at the Normal Center position.
  • Collar clash at 1-2 o'clock position on rim.
  • Die chip in the upper part of G in God.
  • Two small die gouges at the front of the eagle's beak.
  • Possible NV ??
  • Collaboration by: SD Members

More Photos @ http://www.silverdye.us/wiki/Main/PhPa1903VNA14AW031218

Diagnostic Photographs:

File:Http://www.silverdye.us/wiki/pub/Main/PhPa1903VNA14AW031218/1903P AW031218 Rev LFCP.jpg 415px |

File:Http://www.silverdye.us/wiki/pub/Main/PhPa1903VNA14AW031218/aw 031218w.jpg 415px |

File:Http://www.silverdye.us/wiki/pub/Main/PhPa1903VNA14AW031218/aw 031218ab.jpg 415px |