1903-P VAM-11

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1903-P VAM-11 Doubled Reverse Lettering

Discovery 2011 Brent Fogelberg, Revised 2014 Added Reverse Die #2 - pacificwr, Revised 2016 Lance Newman OCC/Ken Mote, Revised 2018 Added Die #4 Ron Gapa, Revised 2018 Added Die #5, #6, #7 Andrew Wojtowich.
11 (revised) III2 1 - C4e (Doubled Reverse Lettering, Collar Clash Obverse) (189) I-2 R-5
2016 Revised Obverse III 2 1- Collar clash on rim with reeding indents at outside edge rim at 11-12 O'clock, Occurs with Die 3 obverse
Die 1 Reverse C4e - Hub doubling and tripling of UNITED STATES OF & upper left wreath & top of eagle's head like VAM 10.
Hub Markers - Slightly tripled lower serif of N in UNITED & doubled top of eagle's head.
Die marker Reverse - Horizontal polishing line thru upper loop of right S in STATES.
2014 Die 2 - Die Marker Reverse - Vertical polishing line at right side of second leaf cluster from top.
2016 Die 3 - Die Marker Reverse- Polishing line between top and left olive leaf cluster
2018 Die 4 - Die Marker Obverse- Single Diagonal Polishing line below upper hair curl.
Die Marker Reverse- Over polished center of Right wing with vertical fine polishing lines & 2 diagonal scratches.
1. Ron Gapa's 2018 Rev. Letter
2018 Die 5- Obverse Die Marker - Vertical die scratch lower left of R in Liberty. Also, with Die 7 reverse. Slightly doubled nose front edge.
Reverse Die Marker - Single diagonal polishing line in eagles left wing opposite eagle's head.
2018 Die 6- Obverse Die Marker - Vertical die cracks on Liberty's head, forehead, and adjacent field.
Reverse Die Marker - Several long vertical die polishing lines in right field.
2018 Die 7- Reverse Die Marker- Horizontal die polishing lines at eagle's right leg. Obverse later die state than with Die 5 reverse.
Andrew Wojtowich's LVA Revision Letter 2018
1. LVA Revision Letter 22 Jul 2018
LVA Comments:
1. Added die 2 rev. Hub dbld rev. Die marker -vertical polishing line at rt side of second leaf cluster from top. Obv die slid sideways into tops of date digits & denticle edges below date. So date and some stars are distorted so can't list anything there. Only clash marks at cap vee and lips.

LVA Plate Photos:

Bfja 03 11 1.jpg WR 1903 P VAM 11 Revised 102114.jpg

Die 3 2016 Olive lines and Collar Clash


Die #4 2018

1903P V-11 Rev 001.jpg

Die #5 2018

Andywoj00 03P V11D5a.jpg Andywoj00 03P V11D5b.jpg

Die #6 2018

Andywoj00 03PD6a.jpg Andywoj00 03PD6b.jpg

Die #7 2018

Andywoj00 03PV11D7a.jpg

Additional Photos

VAM-11 Die 1-Discovery Coin

VAM-11 Die 2

Full Coin Photos

From Mitch Hill, Large Full Coin VAM-11 Die #1 Images photographed by Heritage and Attribution by Mhomei

Kurt Johnson VAM-11.2 Images on loan to VAMworld ATTRIBUTED BY pacificwr

Large Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-11, Die 5 Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy of Andrew Wojtowich. ATTRIBUTED BY Leroy Van Allen.