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1902-O VAM-26A

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1902-O VAM-26A Doubled Profile & Reverse Lettering, Near Date, Clashed Obverse G

Discovered by Brian Raines, September 2003.
This coin is a Super CD Morgan Vam.
26A(revised) III215 · C4l (Doubled Profile & Reverse Lettering, Near Date, Clashed Obverse G) (181) I-3 R-5
Obverse III215– Clashed die with partial incuse G of God from reverse next to Liberty head neck. Later die states show double clashed die with partial incuse double G.
Reverse C4l– Later clashed die states show counter clashed leaf tips on right side of second leaf cluster from top left wreath.



LVA Plate Photos:


Additional Photos:

Date is at the left edge of normal.
Mint Mark, C4 reverse with the O slightly high.
C4 Reverse
The obverse die is characterized by a strongly doubled chin.
At one point, possibly at the start of production,as seen in the next 3 photos, the reverse die was abrasively polished.



The stage, VAM-26A, is defined by the strong double clash with a double G transfer to the obverse along the neck and some counter-clashing of the profile. The prize is an ovaloid in the field outside Liberty's brow. A second ovaloid is seen in the first picture on the right -- ovaloid is at end of wreath leaf.




Double Clashing at both sides of the Laurel Wreath



Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-26A Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy ©'[Heritage Auctions] ATTRIBUTED BY 'Brian Raines