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1901-O VAM-61

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1901-O VAM-61

Discovery, Brian Raines, March 9, 2012

61(privately made) (Doubled 1-01, Near Date, High O set right, Tilted Left) (181) R-6
Obverse - Doubled 1-01 with left base below base, 0 at lower right inside and right 1 above base on left and right sides of VAM 3. Near date. Slightly rounded edges where field meets design with fine raised pitting on Liberty head and design edges. No polishing lines in LIBERTY or cotton boll stems. Raised bar at top of designer's initial M.
Reverse - Medium III O mint mark set high and to right with slight tilt to left. C4 reverse design type. Same filled e in WE and other flaws as
1900-O VAM-22C2 reverse cast counterfeit die. Collar diameter varied from 1.491-1.497", the same as 1900-O VAM-22C2.

Comments: Since VAM numbers are assigned by die classification, and not just by die pairing, multiple die pairings may exist.


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