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(LVA Plate Photos:)
(1900-S VAM-28A Near Date, 2 Olive Reverse, Die Break Cap Bottom)
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'''Threads:'''<br />
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= LVA Plate Photos: =
= LVA Plate Photos: =

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1900-S VAM-28A Near Date, 2 Olive Reverse, Die Break Cap Bottom

Discovery 2019 by PacificWR.

III2 2 - C4/c3e (Near Date, 2 Olive Reverse, Die Break Cap Bottom) ? I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 2 - LDS has extensive die cracks with slight wide break on cap ridge above cap ribbon right end.

Reverse C4/c3e - Faint shallow extra olive to right of olive connected to olive branch. Slight doubling of lower olive leaf edge, lower edge of bottom arrow feather, back of lower arrow head, some feathers at upper part of eagle's left wing and eagle's nostril. V S mint mark.
Die Marker - Horizontal die polishing line in upper part of wreath bow.



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