1900-S VAM-10B

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1900-S VAM-10B Near Date, High S, Die Breaks Obverse

Discovery 2016 - pacificwr
10B III2 2 - C3g (Near Date, High S, Die Breaks Obverse ) (189) I-4 R-6
Obverse III2 2- Late die state shows numerous die cracks with displaced field and design breaks at several areas including rim-to-rim die crack at P in PLURIBUS with displaced field retained cud die, crack at top of Phrygian cap with displaced design break at cap fold, crack on upper Liberty head neck up to jaw with displaced design break at jaw-neck junction and crack on jaw up thru nose front into field with breaks at nose tip and displaced design break on chin.
Die marker - Two large raised dots inside ear. Several fine long die scratches at IBU.
Reverse C3g -
Die marker - Three short diagonal die scratches at eagle's left wing and leg junction. Some slightly doubled leaves in left and right wreaths.
LVA Comments:
1. WOW! Obv certainly has a lot of die cracks with quite a few having displaced field and design breaks. Yes, must be terminal die state -- don't know why SF Mint used die in this damaged condition. A nice find.

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LVA Plate Photos


Additional Photos:

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High Resolution Photos

For detailed close-up High Resolution photo's click the links below:
1. Die crack forehead & eye lid
2. Die break nose and neck
3. Die break Legend, Top of cap & cap fold
4. Die break in 9 of the date
5. Detailed full coin resolution of the Obverse
6. Detailed full coin resolution of the Reverse
7. Detailed full coin resolution of Obverse

Full Coin Photos

Discovery Coin VAM-10B full Coin Images by Andy Wojtowich. Attributed by PacificWR

Discovery Coin Obverse

Discovery Coin Reverse