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1900-S Die Study Material - WR

1900-S Die Study Material:

Times were changing in 1900. Not only did we have the turn of the century, it was also the first year the United States went on the gold standard. Business/factories were transitioning from wood/coal boilers, ovens and furnaces to gas (This is important for die hardening and planchet manufacturing). The new Philadelphia Mint building was approved (it opened in 1901) and new equipment ordered. Plus, the United States Mint started to transition from the C3 Reverse to the C3/C4 and C4 Reverse at the San Francisco and Philadelphia mints.

Frank A. Leach was Superintendent of the San Francisco Mint from 1897 - 1907. In 1907, on the recommendation of United States Secretary of the Treasury George B. Cortelyou, President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt named Leach Director of the United States Mint and Leach held that office from September 1907 until August 1909. George E. Roberts preceded Frank A. Leach as Director of The Mint.

1900-S Morgan Dollar
1900-S VAM-10B Obverse

( Numerous Design & Die breaks on Obverse)

1900-S VAM-10B Reverse

(Die Cracks on Reverse)

1. United States Mints 1900-S VAM Stats
2. Granite Lady 1. Composition: 90.0% Silver 10.0% Copper
3. 1900-S Die Information 2. Mintage: 3,540,000
4. 1900-S Coinage 3. Die Pairs: 35 (Source: Die Life & Usage Table.)
5. San Francisco Mint and New Orleans Mint Die Problems 4. 22 Obverse Dies used: Average pieces struck per die = 161,364.
6. San Francisco Mint Equipment Problems 5. 29 Reverse Dies used: Average pieces struck per die = 122,414.

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