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1900-S Die Information

1900-S Die Information
Thirty five Obverse dies and Thirty five reverse dies were produced for the 1900-S Morgan Dollar series. Of the thirty five Obverse dies 22 were used to produce the coinage. The remaining thirteen Obverse dies were destroyed and returned to the Philadelphia Mint. Of the 35 Reverse dies 29 were used for coinage and six Reverse dies were returned to the Philadelphia Mint for future use. The average number of pieces struck per Obverse die was 161,364. The average number of pieces struck per Reverse die was 122,414.

1900-S RonH VAM-8 OBV 07282011a.jpg 1900-S RonH VAM-8 REV 07282011a.jpg
1900-S VAM-8 Obverse 1900-S VAM-8 Reverse
Mint Die Information VAM Die Information
1. First shipment of dies to San Francisco 1. 1900-S Obverse Dies
2. Second shipment of dies to San Franciscio 2. 1900-S C3 Reverse Dies
3. Third shipment of dies to San Francisco 3. 1900-S C3/C4 Reverse Dies
4. Fourth shipment of dies to San Francisco 4. 1900-S C4 Reverse Dies
5. New Dies Recently adopted 5. 1900-S Multiple C3 Reverse Die Pair
6. San Francisco Mint Lot/ Batch Numbers. 6. 1900-S Normal Date
7. Received 8 Collars on January 20th. 7. 1900-S Near Date
8. Die Life & Usage Table. 8. 1900-S Slanted Date

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