1900-O VAM-8A

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1900-O VAM-8A O/O/CC Centered, Shifted Left with Rust Spots, Near Date

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, December 1965.

This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM.

8A(revised) III25 · C3f (O/O/CC Centered, Shifted Left with Rust Spots, Near Date) (189) I-5 R-6
Reverse C3f – Die rust spots evident around mint mark area.

1- The 1900-O/CC VAM-8A is one of several O over CC coins. These VAMs include 1900-O VAM-7, 1900-O VAM-7a, 1900-O VAM-8a, 1900-O VAM-9, 1900-O VAM-11 and 1900-O VAM-12.
2- The 1900-O VAM-8 comes along with three other variations attributed as the VAM-8A, 1900-O VAM-8B, and 1900-O VAM-8C.
3- The difference between these is that the VAM-8B is a die clashed coin. The VAM-8 shows the O/CC mintmark details. The VAM-8A has the same mintmark along with pitting believed to be caused by rusted dies. The VAM-8B has these details with die clashed letters n,s,t, on the obverse and the designer's M on the reverse. The 8C has extensive polish marks to the reverse in an attempt to remove the clash damage.
4- The mintmark on the reverse which is the primary attribute to recognize the VAM-8 varieties. You will notice that the mintmarks on the VAM-8 varieties are also shifted slightly left of center.


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1900 O VAM 8A OoverOoverCC Centered.jpg1900-O VAM-8A-O over-O over CC Centered.jpg

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1900-O/O/CC VAM8A

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