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1900-O VAM-8A

1900-O VAM-8A O/O/CC Centered, Shifted Left with Rust Spots, Near Date

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, December 1965, Discovered to be VAM 8A by Denny Thostenon, February 1978.
This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM.
8A(revised) III25 · C3f (O/O/CC Centered, Shifted Left with Rust Spots, Near Date) (189) I-5 R-6
Reverse C3f – Die rust spots evident around mint mark area.


  1. The 1900-O/CC VAM-8A is one of several O over CC coins. These VAMs include 1900-O VAM-7, 1900-O VAM-7a, 1900-O VAM-8a, 1900-O VAM-9, 1900-O VAM-11 and 1900-O VAM-12.
  2. The 1900-O VAM-8 comes along with three other variations attributed as the VAM-8A, 1900-O VAM-8B, and 1900-O VAM-8C.
  3. The difference between these is that the VAM-8B is a die clashed coin. The VAM-8 shows the O/CC mintmark details. The VAM-8A has the same mintmark along with pitting believed to be caused by rusted dies. The VAM-8B has these details with die clashed letters n,s,t, on the obverse and the designer's M on the reverse. The 8C has extensive polish marks to the reverse in an attempt to remove the clash damage.
  4. The mintmark on the reverse which is the primary attribute to recognize the VAM-8 varieties. You will notice that the mintmarks on the VAM-8 varieties are also shifted slightly left of center.


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1900-O/O/CC VAM8A

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