1900-O VAM-64

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1900-O VAM-64 Very Near Date, Dbld Rt 0 Top, Gouges Wing

Discovery 2018 by Bill Latour

III2 4I - C3a (Very Near Date, Dbld Rt 0 Top, Gouges Wing) (189) I-2 R-6
Obverse III2 4I -Date at right side of much further left than normal. Right 0 slightly doubled at top outside. Slightly doubled ear at lower right side and bottom. Die marker- Three short die gouges at top side of cap ribbon.
Reverse C3a - III O mint mark slightly tilted to right. Numerous diagonal die gouges at inner and outer feathers of eagle's left wing.


1. LVA Discovery Letter of VAM 64A mentions Bill Latour
2. LVA Elimination letter

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