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1900-O VAM-5

1900-O VAM-5 Small Micro O Tilted Far Right, Very Near Date, Doubled Obverse

Discovered by Francis Klaes, June 1963.
This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM.
5(Privately made) III23 · C3d (Small Micro O Tilted Far Right, Very Near Date, Doubled Obverse) (181) I-4 R-6
Obverse III23– Date set much further left than normal. Three long die scratches from rim between UM in UNUM. Copy of same die used for VAM 22. Two of scratches go over top of M left top serif and top scratch goes into side of denticle that isn’t the usual type of die scratch. Very strong diffuse die doubling on right side of 1-3 left stars, all date numerals, right stars and on left side of IBUS UNUM. Cap fold doubled on left side and cotton leaves and bolls doubled at top. Diffuse doubling likely occurred during copy casting process.
Reverse C3d– Small micro I O mint mark set slightly high and centered with tilt far to right. Rounded design where it meets field. Three dies copied from 1899 O VAM 6 coin reverse with same characteristics as described for 1896 O VAM 4 micro O, and same three dies used.

1. The 1900-O VAM-5 is one of three micro o counterfeit coin’s that have a VAM number. The other two are 1896-O VAM-4 and 1902-O VAM-3. The 1896, 1900 and 1902 was counterfeited with the same reverse die. Read the PCGS announcement that they no longer slab these micro Os as they believe they are counterfeit. - LINK FIXED YAY
2. Note that this obverse is NOT unique to the VAM-5 Micro O. At least two different normal O reverses are paired with this obverse: 1900-O VAM-22C1 and VAM-22C2 also use this obverse with the VAM-5.


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The 1900-O Micro O has an identifying die gouges on the obverse near U and M of UNUM.
Below is an example comparing a micro O and a normal O (from 1899-O coins but having the same sizes). Notice the Micro O is almost round and the normal O is tall and has an almost oval center.

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Large Fake Photo's by TwoHawks - edited by oldcollectorcoins