1900-O VAM-21D1

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1900-O VAM-21D1

Discovered January 2018 by: Rod Meader & Ronald Gapa
21D1 III2 5 - C3l (Near Date, High O, Die Break ATE & ER) (181) I-2 R-6
Reverse C3l- Die cracks at STATES and AMERICA with displaced field breaks at ATE & ER.
Die chips at T & E not yet listable.

LVA Plate Photos


Additional Photos

Rmg 1900O 013018a.jpgRmg 1900O 013018b.jpg
Rmg 1900O 013018c.jpgRmg 1900O 013018d.jpg
LFCP of DC by: ron1883
Rmg 1900O 013018e.jpg
Rmg 1900O 013018f.jpg