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1900-O VAM-12

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1900-O VAM-12 O/CC High, Shifted Right

Discovered by Francis Klaes, June 1963.

This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM.

12 III2 5 - C3j (O/CC High Shifted Right) (181) I-5 R-4/5
Obverse III2 5 - Date set further left than normal.
Reverse C3j - O mint mark centered and punched over CC. The CC mint mark remains are set high and shifted to the right. The arch of the first C is visible on the left. The second C shows as two horns to the upper and lower right.

1- The 1900-O/CC VAM-12 is one of several O over CC coins. These VAMs include 1900-O VAM-7, 1900-O VAM-7A, 1900-O VAM-8, 1900-O VAM-8A, 1900-O VAM-8B, 1900-O VAM-9, 1900-O VAM-10, 1900-O VAM-10A, 1900-O VAM-11 and 1900-O VAM-12.

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