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1899-O VAM-5

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1899-O VAM-5 Micro O, Lines in Wings

Discovered by Melvin Carmichael, August 1951.

This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM.

5(revised) III211 • C3d (Small Micro O Set Very High & Upright, Slanted Date) (181) I-3 R-5
Obverse III211– Slanted date with second 9 higher than 1 and at left edge of normal lateral position. Slanted date at left of normal position. Bottom loop of second 9 partially filled. Clashed die on later die state but no clashed letters. Diagonal clash line from neck just below jaw-neck junction. Die marker– Polishing line below rear of nose.
Reverse C3d– Small micro I O mint mark set very high and centered with slight tilt to right. Die marker– Heavy diagonal die polishing/gouge lines in middle of eagle’s left wing.

Comments: 1899-O VAM-5 Micro O with Lines in wing. In 1899, the mint mark punch from a Barber Quarter was used on the some Morgan dollars. VAM-5 is the variety identified in the Top 100 book as the most rare of the VAMs. It has die gouges in the wing making for a spectacular variety. While VG to Fine micro O coins are tough, but not impossible to locate. Nice AU and above coins are ultra-rare!
This photo below is the VAM-5. Be careful not to mistake this with the 1899-O VAM-6, which also has lines in the wing but which are less dramatic.

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Die marker– Polishing line below rear of nose.

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