1898-O VAM-27

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1898-O VAM-27 Doubled Rt. 8, O Tilted Right, Die Impression Wreath

Discovery 2013. Revised July 2018.
27 III2 11 • C3c (Doubled Rt. 8, O Tilted Right, Die Impression Wreath) (181) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 11 -
Die marker - Several diagonal polishing lines at top of E in LIBERTY.
Reverse C3c - Small curved threadlike die impression at first right leaf cluster.


  1. Seems to duplicate VAM 5, but VAM 5 does not specify the doubled right 8
  2. Same obverse as VAM 16, but a later stage.
  3. Later die stage with gouges at denticles left of 1 and left for first right star is VAM 27A


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