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1897-P VAMs

Mintage 2,822,000
Proof Mintage 731
Dies Used 70 pairs
Rarity in PL 3/10 (common)
Die Study in progress

Attribution Guides for the 1897-P Morgan Dollar

Official VAM Listing

 1897-P VAM-1 Normal Die  
 1897-P VAM-1A Normal date, Pitted Reverse (Top 100 Morgan VAM) - existence not confirmed
 1897-P VAM-1B Die Scratches Wing  
 1897-P VAM-1C Die Break ERIC
 1897-P VAM-2 Near Date, Doubled 18  
 1897-P VAM-3 Doubled 1  
 1897-P VAM-3A Doubled 1, Pitted 'N'  
 1897-P VAM-4 Doubled 7  
 1897-P VAM-5 Doubled 18, Spiked 1  
 1897-P VAM-6 Near Date  
 1897-P VAM-6A Near date, Pitted Reverse (Top 100 Morgan VAM)    
 1897-P VAM-7 Slanted Date
 1897-P VAM-8 Doubled Left Stars & Phrygian Cap Top (Hot 50 Morgan VAM)    
 1897-P VAM-9 Does not exsist (same as VAM 6)
 1897-P VAM-10 Slightly Doubled 1  
 1897-P VAM-11 Low Date  
 1897-P VAM-12 Doubled 189
 1897-P VAM-13 Near Date

List of Past VAM Assignments

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