1897-O VAM-13

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1897-O VAM-13 Medium High O Mint Mark, Near Date

Discovery 2016
13 (Privately made) (Medium High O Mint Mark, Near Date) (181) R-6
Obverse - Numerous raised rough casting flaws at the top periphery at E, I, right U and right dot. The obverse was possibly a copy of a VAM 6 or 7 near date genuine coin.
Reverse - Medium III O mint mark centered and slightly high with C3 reverse design type. Numerous raised rough casting flaws at N-D in UNITED, ST in STATES, M-R in AMERICA, right star, LLA in DOLLAR and O in ONE. Has the same reverse cast counterfeit die as 1900-O VAM 60 and 1901-O VAM 58 counterfeits.



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