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1896-P VAM-29

1896-P VAM-29 6 in Denticles, Near Date

Discovery April 2009
29 III2 27- C3a (6 in Denticles, Near Date) (?) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 - Top of 6 appears in denticle space between 96 as curved raised bar and a slanted raised bar on left side of next right denticle space. Curve is sharper than 9 top but like 6 top. Date set further left than normal with raised die chip at top right of 1.

1. This coin may be a C3d reverse
2. Has Misplaced Date Digits (MPD) in denticles below 96 that was pictured in Kevin Flynns 1998 book on MPDs.

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