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1896-O VAMs

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The 1896-O is fairly consistent in lacking a decent strike, having poor luster and being horribly abraded and bagmarked. When found with an exception to any of those three, you have a tough coin. Uncirculated coins are rare and, due to the qualities noted, very rare at choice (MS63) or above. Prooflikes are extremely rare. The 1896-O is a key in both an uncirculated set and a prooflike set.

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1896-O Near Date

Official VAM Lising

  1896-O VAM-1 Normal Die
  1896-O VAM-2 O Tilted Left
  1896-O VAM-3 O Tilted Right
  1896-O VAM-4 (Privately Made) Small Micro O Tilted Far Right (Top 100 Morgan Vam)  
  1896-O VAM-5 Doubled 1--6
  1896-O VAM-6 Doubled 1--6, Far Date, O Tilted Right  
  1896-O VAM-7 Doubled 96, Near Date, O Tilted Right  
  1896-O VAM-8 Oval O
  1896-O VAM-9 Doubled 1 & Ear at Bottom  
  1896-O VAM-10 Doubled 1 and Profile
  1896-O VAM-10A Tail Gouge  
  1896-O VAM-11 Doubled 18  
  1896-O VAM-12 Doubled 18-6, Near Date  
  1896-O VAM-13 Near Date, High O  
  1896-O VAM-14 Near Date, Doubled 6, O Tilted Right  
  1896-O VAM-15 Near Date, Doubled 96, O Tilted Right
  1896-O VAM-16 Near Date, Doubled 1 & Ear at Bottom  
  1896-O VAM-17 Near Date, O tilted Right
  1896-O VAM-18 High O
  1896-O VAM-18A High O, Clashed Obverse G & t (Kimpton 12 Morgan Vam)  
  1896-O VAM-19 Shifted Date (Hit List 40 Morgan Vam)  
  1896-O VAM-20 Doubled 1 and Ear Bottom, O Tilted Right
  1896-O VAM-21 (Privately Made) 2 Olive Reverse  
  1896-O VAM-22 (Privately Made) Low Date, O Tilted Right  
  1896-O VAM-23 Near Date, Doubled Ear, High O Tilted Right  
  1896-O VAM-24 Low Near Date  
  1896-O VAM-24A Low Near Date, Die Break A  
  1896-O VAM-25 (Privately Made) Later C4 reverse
  1896-O VAM-26 (Privately Made) C4/C3 Dual Hub 2 Olive Reverse  
  1896-O VAM-27 (Privately Made) Medium O Mint Mark  
  1896-O VAM-28 O Set Right
  1896-O VAM-29 Doubled 1 & Ear Bottom, Near Date, O Tilted Right
  1896-O VAM-30 (Privately Made) Medium O Mint Mark  
  1896-O VAM-31 Near Date, O Set High & Right

List of Past VAM Assignments

 1896-O VAM-1A (Eliminated,became VAM-19)


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