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(1896-O VAM-27 Medium O Mint Mark)
(1896-O VAM-27 (Privately Made) Medium O Mint Mark)
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=1896-O VAM-27 '''(Privately Made)'''  Medium O Mint Mark=  
=1896-O VAM-27 (''Privately'' ''made'') Medium O Mint Mark=  
Discovery 2011, ben wengel<br />
Discovery 2011, ben wengel<br />
'''27 ('''''privately made''''') (Medium O Mint Mark) (181) R-6'''<br />
'''27 ('''''privately made''''') (Medium O Mint Mark) (181) R-6'''<br />

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1896-O VAM-27 (Privately made) Medium O Mint Mark

Discovery 2011, ben wengel
27 (privately made) (Medium O Mint Mark) (181) R-6
Obverse - Same copied coin as for 1896-O VAM-4 Micro O obverse die, but different die that is same as 1896-O VAM-21 counterfeit. Same jagged depression below eye as 1896-O VAM-4 obverse and 1896-O VAM-21 obverse and of the copied coin. Raised dot pitting all over surfaces. Rounded edges where design, date and stars meet fields.
Reverse C3 - Medium III O mint mark centered and upright with faint raised vertical line to left of O mint mark that matches 1900 O/CC VAM-11 with same crack through TED of UNITED. Same copied coin as 1901-O VAM-44 counterfeit, but different die. C3 type reverse. Raised dot pitting all over surfaces. Rounded edges where design meet fields.


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LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

2 Photo's from 2014 Submittal to LVA
Another specimen, photo by Ash Harrison

Dc morg 1896-O VAM-27 ted.jpg Dc morg 1896-O VAM-27 occ.jpg

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