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1896-O VAM-26 (Privately made) C4/C3 reverse

Discovered January 2011, by Ben Wengel

26(Privately made) (Later C4/C3 Dual Hub Two Olive Reverse) (181) R-6
Obverse - Same die as VAM 25. Date set slightly low at left edge of normal lateral position. Tiny raised dots at inside and outside of ear. RTY letters of LIBERTY are shallow with rounded edges. Two raised dots on rim side of 5th left star and one raised dot between rim and round dot between E-P. Diagonal fine raised line in field above Phygrian cap, in field near edge of lower cap back and in field near hair edge above 89.
Reverse - Later 2 olive C4/C3 dual hub reversed type that was not used until 1900-1903. III O MM set slightly high and upright. Rounded design where it meets field. Wavy areas in open field. Two long thin raised lines in field next to right side of wreath leaf opposite olive leaves end. Couple isolated raised dots at top of eagle's right wing and TE in STATES.


LVA Plate Photos

Additional Photos

W1991 1896 O VAM 26 2 Olive Reverse.jpgW1991 1896 O VAM 26 MM POS.jpg
W1991 1896 O VAM 26 Wing Gap.jpgOcc-1896-o-v26-mm-comparison-9-16-13.jpg

Discovery Piece is XF 45