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(Additional Photos)
(Additional Photos)
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[[image:WR 1894-O VAM-1A Obverse 2 091718.jpg]]<br />
[[image:WR 1894-O VAM-1A Obverse 2 091718.jpg]]<br />
text for photo<br />  
Die pitting around O & N of ONE<br />  
jpeg image<br />
[[image:WR 1894-O VAM-1A Reverse 2 091718.jpg]]<br />
space^^^^^^^<br />
== Full Coin Photos ==
== Full Coin Photos ==

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1894-O VAM-1A

Discovery 2018 by PacificWR

III2 1 - C3A (Die Rust O Mint Mark) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 1 -Very Slight doubling at lower right inside and bottom of earlobe.
Die Marker- Polishing lines in TY of LIBERTY.

Reverse C3A - Some light die rust pitting at left inside and outside of III O mint mark plus some light horizontal pitting band at ON of ONE.

1.Unusual die rust pitting on left side of O m/m!

1. LVA Discovery Letter

LVA Plate Photos

1894 O VAM 1A Plate Photo's.jpg

Additional Photos

Doubling on ear lobe and inner ear.
WR 1894-O VAM-1A Obverse 2 091718.jpg

Die pitting around O & N of ONE
WR 1894-O VAM-1A Reverse 2 091718.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Discovery Coin Large Full Coin Photo 1894-O VAM-1A Images on loan to VAMworld courtes ATTRIBUTED BY Wayne Roberts