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(EDS of VAM-8)
(LDS of VAM-8)
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==LDS of VAM-8==
==LDS of VAM-8 Die Pair 2==
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1892-S VAM-8 Die 2 Plate 1.jpg
1892-S VAM-8 Die 2 Plate 1.jpg

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1892-S VAM-8 Doubled/Tripled Hair, Doubled Upper TF

Discovered by Bill Affanato, January 1998.
Revised September 3, 2021 by LateDateMorganGuy.
This coin is a Hit List 40 Morgan VAM.
8 III24 · C3a (Doubled/Tripled Hair, Doubled Upper TF) (189) I-3 R-5
Obverse III24– Doubled and tripled hair strand ends in lower area of hair. Doubled designer’s initial M on left inside. Some light tripling on hair strands below middle of cap bottom and below ear. With Die 1 rev - Some horizontal die polishing lines inside ear. LIBERTY has heavy diagonal polishing lines, some light polishing lines at forehead hairline, and rear of eye. With Die 2 rev - Light vertical polishing lines inside ear, extensive vertical polishing lines on forehead and eye, shallow bottom of TY in LIBERTY and in hair below RTY.

Reverse C3a - Die 1 - IV S mint mark centered and slightly high. No polishing lines in wing neck gap. Die 2 - IV S mint mark centered and at normal height. Extensive diagonal polishing lines in wing neck-gap. Some heavy long vertical die polishing lines in upper TF extending up into left side of breast geathers - likely is attempt to minimize on lower edge of all six lower feathers.

1. Since VAM numbers are assigned by die classification, and not just by die pairing, multiple die pairings may exist.

1. 2021 LVA Revision Letter.

LVA Plate Photos:

1892-S VAM-8 Dbld & Tripled Hair Ends.jpg

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EDS of VAM-8 Die Pair 1

LDS of VAM-8 Die Pair 2

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