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1891-O VAM-1A1

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1891-O VAM-1A1 Clashed Obverse D & O, Reverse BERT

This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM.
1A1(revised) III21 · C3a (Clashed Obverse D & O, Reverse BERT) (181) I-5 R-5
Obverse III21– Strongly clashed die at top with partial incuse O of O mint mark from reverse showing above right wheat leaf. Part of incuse top of D of DOLLAR from reverse shows below I of PLURIBUS.
Reverse C3a– Strongly clashed die with full raised E below eagle’s tail feathers on left side and partial raised B at left of E, tip of R to right of E and raised bar of T in middle of tail feathers from obverse LIBERTY. Centered circular medium III O mint mark.
1- Four die states of this die pair have been catalogued.
The order in progression is:

  • 1st VAM-1a1 Clash
  • 2nd VAM-1a4 Clash Polishing and gouge
  • 3rd VAM-1a2 Depression to Bump
  • 4th VAM-1a3 Terminal break on Bump with non displaced radial break from UNITED
  • VAM-1A1 Through 1A4

2- The final die state 1891-O VAM-1A3 has a large raised verticle bar break on left side of profile line extending up to wreath leaf.
3- This VAM has a the strongest E clashed on the reverse of any Morgan dollar. In fact, the E on the reverse looks like it was actually part of the design it was so strong.
4- This is a really cool variety well worth a substantial premium to own in AU. Mint state examples are exceptionally rare.
Russ's Coin to LVA 2013

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Additionally, the reverse is loaded with extra design elements transferred from the obverse die when the two dies clashed together without a planchet in the chamber.

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin of VAM-1A1 Photo and Attribution By 'TwoHawks'