1890-CC VAM-7

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1890-CC VAM-7 Doubled CC Inside, 0 in Denticles

Discovered by Maurice Dubreuil, December 1974.
7(revised) III2 8 · C3g (Doubled CC Inside, 0 in Denticles) ( ? ) I-3 R-3
Obverse III2 8 – Top of 0 showing in denticles as raised curved bars in two adjacent denticle spaces below 0.
Reverse C3g – Doubled large V CC mint mark. First C doubled strongly on lower left inside of loop. Second C tilted slightly to right and doubled slightly on lower inside of loop.


  1. The horizontal die scratch in the top-inside of the "D" of DOLLAR is not present in all specimens.
  2. Shares C3g reverse of VAM 14
  3. Date is close to near position on VAM 7, while it's just barely right of the center of normal position on VAM 14
  4. 0 in denticles not clear on MDS and later coins


LVA Plate Photos

1890-CC VAM-7 Dbld CC Inside.jpg

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Full Coin VAM 7 Images © Heritage Auctions, used with permission. Attributed by ANACS ANACS LOGO3.jpg