1889-P VAM-45

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1889-P VAM-45 Doubled Ear, Very Far Date, Doubled Wreath Leaves

Discovered by Laurence Galbraith, January 2006.

45 III2 41 · C3e (Doubled Ear, Very Far Date, Doubled Wreath Leaves) ( ? ) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 41– Slightly doubled ear at right inside. Date set much further right than normal with left edge of 1 base over right half of 4th denticle.
Reverse C3e– Slightly doubled middle leaves in left wreath and most leaves in right wreath towards rim.


LVA Plate Photos

1889-P VAM-45 Dbld Ear.jpg1889-P VAM-45 Dbld Wreath Leaves.jpg

Additional Photos