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1889-P Obverse

1889-P VAMs

Near Date w/Doubled Ear
 1889-P VAM-27 Doubled Ear, Near Date  
Normal Dates
 1889-P VAM-1 Closed 9
 1889-P VAM-1A Die Gouge Neck Front (Eliminated, Became 1889-P VAM-52)
 1889-P VAM-1B Clashed Obverse n
 1889-P VAM-1C1 Die Scratches TF, Denticle Impressions Below TF
 1889-P VAM-1C2 Die Scratches TF  
 1889-P VAM-1D1 Die Scratch Cotton Leaf  
 1889-P VAM-1D2 Clashed Die "n" and "t"  
 1889-P VAM-1E Denticle Impressions Below Arrow Feathers   *NEW 2014*-
 1889-P VAM-1F Denticle Impressions Below Wreath Bow *NEW 2014*-
 1889-P VAM-2 Open 9
 1889-P VAM-7 High 9  
 1889-P VAM-7A High 9, Die Chips Stars & Neck  
 1889-P VAM-7B High 9, Clashed Obverse n
 1889-P VAM-11 Doubled 18  
 1889-P VAM-14 Doubled 1-89  
 1889-P VAM-14A Doubled 18, Tripled 9, Scribbling on Nose, Denticle Impressions TF and Leaf
 1889-P VAM-19 Doubled Reverse 
 1889-P VAM-19A (formerly VAM-5A) Doubled Reverse, Bar Wing (Top-100) 
 1889-P VAM-19B1 Doubled Reverse, Clashed Obverse n & t  
 1889-P VAM-19B2 Doubled Reverse, Clashed Obverse n & t, Clashed Reverse M 
 1889-P VAM-26 Doubled Arrow Shafts
 1889-P VAM-29 Doubled Right Wreath, Thread-like Impression Reverse  
 1889-P VAM-34 Doubled Right Wreath
 1889-P VAM-50 Doubled 1, Tripled 9, Scribbling on Nose Became VAM-14
 1889-P VAM-55 Doubled Eyelid
Normal Dates w/Doubled Ear
 1889-P VAM-15 Doubled 889, Ear, Arrow fletching  
 1889-P VAM-20 Doubled Ear and Forehead, Normal Date Hot 50 Morgan VAM  
 1889-P VAM-24 8 in Denticles, Doubled Ear, Polishing Lines in Cotton Bolls, Normal Date  
 1889-P VAM-30 Doubled Ear, Far Left of Normal Date Placement  
 1889-P VAM-36 Doubled Ear Right Inside, Normal Date  
 1889-P VAM-37 Doubled Ear, Normal Date  
 1889-P VAM-46 Doubled 1 Top and Ear, Normal Date
 1889-P VAM-47 Doubled Ear, Normal Date  
 1889-P VAM-51 Doubled Ear, Left side of Normal Date (Eliminated, LDS duplicate of VAM 30)
 1889-P VAM-52 Doubled Ear, Die Gouges Neck Front & Star, Normal Date  
 1889-P VAM-58 Doubled Ear ' Possible 'Conflict (duplication) With VAM-27
Slanted Date
 1889-P VAM-23 Slanted Date
 1889-P VAM-23A Slanted Date, Clashed Obverse In & st Hot 50 Morgan VAM
Slanted Date w/Doubled Ear
 1889-P VAM-33 Doubled Ear, Slanted Date, Normal Date placement
Far Date
 1889-P VAM-5 Far Date
 1889-P VAM-5A Far Date, Pitted Reverse (Hit List 40 Morgan Dollar) 
 1889-P VAM-5B Far Date, Pitted Rev., Gouge Olive Branch, Clashed Obverse n (Hit List 40 Morgan Dollar)  
 1889-P VAM-5C Far Date, Die Gouges Below 9  
 1889-P VAM-5D Far Date, Denticle Impressions Below Arrow Feathers
 1889-P VAM-5E Far Date, Denticle Impressions at Wreath Bow
 1889-P VAM-5F Far Date, Die Chip First Left Star '*NEW 2015* 'Possible Conflict Possible (duplication) With 1889-P VAM-12A
 1889-P VAM-10 Far Date, Doubled First 8  
 1889-P VAM-12 Far Date, Doubled 1, High 9
 1889-P VAM-12A Doubled 1, Die Chip First Left Star 
 1889-P VAM-17 Far Date, Doubled 18  
 1889-P VAM-22 Bar Wing, Far Date (Top-100) 
 1889-P VAM-43 Split Hair Ends, Far Date
 1889-P VAM-43A Split Hair Ends, Far Date, Polishing Lines Liberty Head 
 1889-P VAM-62 Far Date,Denticle Impressions *NEW 2014*
Far Date w/Doubled Ear
 1889-P VAM-3 Doubled 18-9 and Ear, Far Date  
 1889-P VAM-3A Doubled 1889 & Ear, Far Date, Sunken Obverse Die  
 1889-P VAM-6 Doubled 9, Tripled 1 & Ear Bottom, Far Date  
 1889-P VAM-16 Doubled Ear & Rt. Stars, Far Date Hot 50 Morgan VAM  
 1889-P VAM-21 Doubled Ear & Lower Cotton Leaves, Far Date  
 1889-P VAM-25 Doubled Ear, Far Date
 1889-P VAM-28 Doubled Ear, Far Date
 1889-P VAM-28A Doubled Ear, Far Date, Pitted DO (Hit List 40 Morgan Dollar)  
 1889-P VAM-31 Doubled Ear Inside, Far Date  
 1889-P VAM-39 Doubled Ear & Cotton Leaves, Far Date  
 1889-P VAM-40 Doubled Ear, Far Date  
 1889-P VAM-40A1 Doubled Ear, Far Date, Clashed Obverse n  
 1889-P VAM-40A2 Doubled Ear, Far Date, Clashed Obverse n, st  
 1889-P VAM-42 Doubled Ear, Cotton Leaves, Right Stars, Far Date
 1889-P VAM-49 Doubled Ear, Far Date  
 1889-P VAM-57 Doubled Ear, Far Date, High 9  
 1889-P VAM-60 Doubled Ear, Far Date  *NEW 2014*
 1889-P VAM-61 Doubled Ear, Far Date  *NEW 2014*
Far & Slanted Date
 1889-P VAM-9 Far & Slanted Date Confusion with this listing and VAM-38
 1889-P VAM-38 Doubled Ear, Far Date  
 1889-P VAM-38A Doubled Ear, Far Date, Die Breaks Stars  
Very Far Date
 1889-P VAM-4 Very Far Date  
 1889-P VAM-8 Very Far Date, High 9  
 1889-P VAM-48 Very Far Date, Doubled Wreath Leaves
Very Far Date w/Doubled Ear
 1889-P VAM-32 Doubled Ear, High 9, Very Far Date  
 1889-P VAM-41 Doubled Ear, Very Far Date  
 1889-P VAM-44 Doubled Ear & URIBUS UNU, Very Far Date  
 1889-P VAM-45 Doubled Ear, Very Far Date, Doubled Wreath Leaves
 1889-P VAM-53 Doubled Ear, Very Far Date  
 1889-P VAM-54 Doubled Ear, Very Far Date, Doubled America & Wreaths
Very Far Slanted Date
 1889-P VAM-13 Very Far Slanted Date 
Very Far Slanted Date w/Doubled Ear
 1889-P VAM-18 Doubled Ear, Slanted Very Far Date Hot 50 Morgan VAM  
 1889-P VAM-18A Doubled Ear, Slanted Very Far Date, Die Chip Cap Rear
 1889-P VAM-63 Doubled Ear, Very Far Slanted Date *New 2017*