1889-O VAM-9 Die-2

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1889-O VAM-9 Die #2

Discovery 2012 By Greg Holaski
III-2-1 - C3f (O set High) (181) I-2 R-5
Obverse III-2-1 Die 2 Radial die crack between B & U in Pluribus. EDS of VAM 1A.
Reverse C3f - III O mintmark set upright and high. Die1 die marker-Diagonal polishing lines next to eagle's left leg. Die2 EDS of VAM 1A with die cracks that match in legend.

LVA Comments:
1. "VAM 9. Yes, has same dies as VAM 1A1 coin with same die cracks on obv & rev. Radial die crack at BU doesn't have significant displaced field yet. But did add note to 1A1 description that has slight displaced field break. No die clash marks however on this coin. No clashed E, so can't be listed as 1A. Made it Die 2 of VAM 9 with notation is EDS of 1A. Can't change VAM # of clashed E 1A since has been used for over 40 years."


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