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1887-S VAMs

Mintage 1,771,000
Dies Used 8 pairs
Rarity in PL 5/10 (scarce)
Die Study no

1887-S is one of the less common dates in the series, but typically has good luster and a full strike. Prooflike coins are scarce and tend to be a little banged up. One-sided prooflikes occur for this date. VAM 2 and 2A are Top 100 varieties with a strongly repunched S and can be found fairly easily. VAMs 4 and 11 are Hot 50 varieties sharing an obverse die with a strongly repunched 1 and 7 in the date.

Attribution Guides for 1887-S

Official VAM Listing

  1887-S VAM-1 Normal Date
  1887-S VAM-1B Die Gouges Wing  
  1887-S VAM-2 S/S Left, No Damaged Denticles (Top 100 Morgan VAM)     
  1887-S VAM-2A S/S Left, Damaged Denticles (Top 100 Morgan VAM)     
  1887-S VAM-3 Slanted Date, Doubled 7  
  1887-S VAM-4 Near Date, Doubled Date (1--7) (Hot 50 Morgan VAM)     
  1887-S VAM-5 Near Date  
  1887-S VAM-5A Near Date, Die Breaks Lower Hair
  1887-S VAM-6 Very Near Date
  1887-S VAM-7 High S  
  1887-S VAM-8 Far Date  
  1887-S VAM-9 Doubled Stars and Profile, Near Date  
  1887-S VAM-10 Doubled Reverse Lettering  
  1887-S VAM-11 Doubled 1-7 & Reverse Lettering (Hot 50 Morgan VAM)     
  1887-S VAM-12 Doubled 88, Very Near Date, High S  
  1887-S VAM-12A Doubled 88, Very Near Date, High S, Die Break Cap Top  
  1887-S VAM-12B Doubled 88, Very Near Date, High S, Die File Lines Reverse  
  1887-S VAM-13 Doubled 18
  1887-S VAM-14 Slanted Date, S/S Bottom
  1887-S VAM-15 Damaged Denticle Obverse  
  1887-S VAM-16 Doubled S
  1887-S VAM-17 Doubled Arrow Heads
  1887-S VAM-18 Doubled 1, Near Date  
  1887-S VAM-19 Doubled 188  
  1887-S VAM-19A Doubled 188, Die Gouges Star RI & 7  
  1887-S VAM-20 Doubled 1  
  1887-S VAM-21 S Set Right

List of Past VAM Assignments

  1887-S VAM-1A Die Gouges Star, RI & 7 (now VAM 19A)

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