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1887-S VAM-5A

Discovery 2012

'5A III2 4 - C3a ('Near Date, Die Breaks Lower Hair ) (186) I-2 R-6
Obverse III2 4 - Several small die breaks in lower hair. Some die file lines in fields.
Reverse C3a - S mint mark set slightly to right.

Looked through 971 1887-S Coins in Heritage Archives that covered FUN 2017 back to FUN 2010 and found 135 VAM-5's, but no 5A.
Leroy Van Allen rated the rarity of the VAM-5 as a 3 and the 5A as a 6. How does he do that? (RonH270 04022017)


LVA Plate Photos

Additional Photos

There is no LVA Plate for this page. Hope this helps you. The break starts in the field as shown with the calipers between the 8 and 7 in the first hair-vee. Continues at the angle shown and the break ends before the 2nd hair-vee; however, later die stages may have it go longer. The break follows the ruler. There is another small break in the field just below the 2nd hair-vee, that starts in the left hair and moves diagonal toward the other side to hair.

None in SSDC Registry; none attributed by ANACS