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1887-P VNA varieties

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1887-P VAM Not Assigned Varieties

' specimens of the 1887-P VAM-20 near date variety have distinctive die scratches around the top cotton leaf. Leroy notes, "Fine line scratches on cap top would be useful as die marker but not needed just for near date variety." Thus, this feature is not listed in the VAM description. (These distinctive die scratches are found on the VAM-20', so check if you have a VAM-20.)
The 1887-P VAM-13 has a late die state that shows great clashing features. Included on this LDS VAM is a small die break at the base of the first 8 in the date. Leroy says that this break is too small to list. In order to get the clashing features listed, typically a coin would need to show some clashed lettering, which does not seem to be the case for any known 1887-P VAM-13 specimens.
Some die cracks off of a VAM-26 Die #2, these die cracks are to small to list.
These small die breaks out of a reverse die crack are not big enough to list.
relocated from the vam-21 page
Photos A-E below from the same coin.
NOTE: this vam below used to be erroneously on the vam 21 page,but is NOT a vam 21! ,
vam 21 was found to be the same as vam 1L/34 ,thus making this die pair just another vam 1
(unlisted vam!)
later was reassined as vam 26 die 2(football die chip T) 1- Since VAM numbers are assigned by die classification, and not just by die pairing, at least two die pairings do exist for this vam.
2- vam 26 die 2, and VAM-14 Die 1 share the same reverse.This vam is the earlier die state.
3- this same vam obverse(vam 26-2) is also paired with a second reverse used, but unconfirmed by LVA yet. This second reverse is shared with VAM-31
Photo A below. Date position.
Photo B below. Die chip on eye.
Photo C below. Football shaped die chip in T of LIBERTY on left side of upper crossbar.
Photo D below. Two parallel lines next to leg. Same reverse as VAM-14 Die #1 so make sure obverse matches.
There is a second reverse used with this VAM, (Photos A-C) which will not have the same die markers as
photos D and E but has not been confirmed by LVA yet.
Photo E below. Diagonal gouges between breast and Eagles left wing. Same reverse as VAM-14 Die # 1.
Photos A-F below from a 2nd die marriage, all from the same coin. It shares the same obverse
but its matched with a different reverse.(same reverse as vam 31)
Photo A below of date position.
Photo B below of football shaped die chip on crossbar of T in LIBERTY.
Photo C below of die chip on eye and die scratch in front of eye.
Photo D below of die chip on feathers. Notice the two parallel lines near eagles leg?. This reverse is shared with VAM-31
Photo E below of tailfeathers and bow. This reverse is shared with VAM-31
Photo F below of the eagle's neck/wing gap. This reverse is shared with VAM-31

Full Coin Photos

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