1887-P VAM-31

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1887-P VAM-31 Doubled 18-7, Doubled Ear

Discovered by Brion Pfendler , December 2010. Revised 2019
31 III2 30 C3a (Doubled 18-7, Doubled Ear) (?) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 30 - Slightly doubled 18-7 with 1 & 8 at very bottom and 7 at top left. Slightly doubled ear at right inside and bottom of ear lobe on latter dies states. EDS shows scribbles die polishing lines back of neck.
Reverse C3a -
Die marker Die #1 - Two long diagonal polishing lines at bottom of upper tail feathers.
Die marker Die #2 - Diagonal polishing line in wing-neck gap.

1.Die 2 shares a reverse with the 2nd die marriage of VAM-21.
2.Die 1 shares a reverse with VAM-22.
1. LVA 2019 Revision Letter

LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

Photos below from the discovery piece:
BOP 1887-P Sample Slab -001 -- Date Position (2).JPG BOP 1887-P Sample Slab -001 -Die Scratch -1(2).JPG

Full Coin Photos

Discovery coin full obverse photo courtesy of Brion Pfendler

Discovery coin full reverse photo courtesy of Brion Pfendler

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