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1887-P VAM-26 Slanted Date

Revised 2015 by Mysterio to add Die 2. Revised 2017 by tmanhg to add Die 3. Revised 2018 by tmanhg to add Die 4.
26 (revised) III2 25 - C3a (Slanted Date) (190) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 25- Date in normal lateral position and slanted with 1 closest to rim.
Die 1 - Die marker - Possible in middle hair gouge below IBE of LIBERTY.
Die 2 - Die marker - Several raised lumps in top of T in LIBERTY.
Die 3 - Die marker - Diagonal polish lines on TY of LIBERTY
Die 4 - Date at left side of normal lateral position. Die marker- Polishing lines in RTY of LIBERTY.
Die 5 - Date slightly left of middle normal lateral position. Slightly doubled Liberty head profile at nose and upper lip.Die marker-Die Polishing lines in RTY of LIBERTY.

Reverse C3a -
Die 1 - Die marker - 2 small gouges protrude on the (from bottom) 10th inner feather toward the outer feathers. Unique polishing marks in TF.
Die 2 - Die marker -
Die 3 - Die marker -
Die 4 - Die marker - Polishing lines right of wreath bow.
Die 5 - Die marker - Die polishing lines in wing-neck gap.

1. VAM-26A was discovered with the assumption that a gouge-less VAM-26 exists and can potentially be located.
2. VAM 26 die 2 is a different die/dies than VAM 26/26A
3. Additional Photos for 1887 P VAM-26 Die 2 and 1887 P VAM-26 Die 3
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2. Die #4 Revision thread

LVA Plate Photos:

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Die 2

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VAM-26 Die #1
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