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(Additional Photos:)
(Additional Photos:)
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[[image:1887_o_vam11b_mhi92273comp.JPG |817px]]<br />
[[image:1887_o_vam11b_mhi92273comp.JPG |817px]]<br />
<u>'''Cud'''</u> <br />
[[image:1887-0 VAM-23 Cud.jpg]] <br />
[[image:1887-0 VAM-23 Cud.jpg]] <br />

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1887-O VAM-11B Near Date, Pitted Lip, Thread-Like die Impression Cotton Leaf

Discovery 2013 Russ James
11B III2 - C3a (Near Date, Pitted Lip, Thread-Like die Impression Cotton Leaf ) (?) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2-11- Horizontal band of raised dots from rusted die pitting in field in front of upper lip.
Die marker - Curved thread-like die impression from top of left top cotton leaf.
Reverse C3a -


1. http://www.vamworld.com/share/view/63425912

LVA Plate Photos:

Russjamesleroy1004.jpg Russjamesleroy1005.jpg

Additional Photos:

1887 o vam11b mhi92273comp.JPG

1887-0 VAM-23 Cud.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-11B Images on loan to VAMworld ATTRIBUTED BY Mhomei slighltly Later Die State than DC

Discovery Coin From TwoHawks, Large Full Coin of VAM-11B Images By RUSS and Attribution By 'Leroy Van Allen'