1886-P VAM-12

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1886-P VAM-12 Doubled Date

Discovered by Arnie Ziem, December 1973.
12 III2 12 - C3a (Doubled Date) (189) I-2 R-4
Obverse III2 12 - Entire date doubled. 1 has short horizontal spike just below upper crossbar . First 8 slightly doubled on left bottom outside of upper loop showing as as thin curved line. Second 8 is doubled at top inside of upper loop. Both loops of the 6 are doubled inside at top left with the top one being strong and ending bluntly on the right side.
doubled ear inside

vam 25 was developed at a later die stage of its life,there are vam 12's known of an early die stage and not showing any signs of clashing, it appears that vam 12 may be the same as vam 25EDS


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