1885-P VAM-1E

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1885-P VAM-1E Die Chip ER

Discovered by John Kohut, June 2005. Revised 2006
1E(revised) III21 · C3a (Die Chip ER) (189) I-2 R-6
Reverse C3a– Die crack thru tops of MERI with small die chip Between ER. Tiny die chip at top left of second T in STATES. Slightly doubled top inner feathers in eagle’s right wing Vertical die scratch on second tail feather from right.

  1. Same reverse as VAM 30, Progression is VAM-30 EDS, VAM-1E LDS.
  2. If your coin does not have this chip but the and the reverse matches then you have a VAM-30.
  3. Same lower eye gouge as VAM-1K, VAM-30.


  1. http://www.vamworld.com/message/view/home/7966635

LVA Plate Photos

1885-P VAM-1E Die Chip ER.jpg

Additional Photos

Main pick-ups

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Full Coin Photos

Full Coin VAM-1E Images © Mitch Hill, used with permission. Attributed by Mitch Hill

Full Coin VAM-1E Images © Heritage Auctions, used with permission. Attributed by Mitch Hill