1885-P PROOF

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1885-P PROOF

Listing below were generated solely based upon one's observations and have NOT been reviewed by LVA. If anyone elects to send theirs for Leroy's examination and review; then the newly assign VAM number will take precedence over this listing. The Die number is arbitrary. We encourage anyone to update and contribute further.
Die #1 1885-P VAM-31 Assigned by LVA is the Breen-1 described below
1885 $1 PR66 Cameo PCGS. Heritage Listed Description VAM-5, Doubled 85. (Also listed as Breen-1 in his Proof Encyclopedia. The doubling is most apparent at the bottom of the 5, beneath the knob, and less so at the bottom of the second 8. The proof mintage of 930 pieces contrasts starkly with the enormous business strike mintage approaching 18 million pieces, yet in another way the business strikes and proofs share something in common: generally sharp strikes. Of course, the multiply struck proofs are far sharper, and they generally are found with good cameo contrast, such as on the present piece. This coin is essentially untoned, with superb silver-on-black contrast between the fields and the devices. While the VAM variety likely carries little premium as an R.3 coin, it does add extra pizzazz to this already-delightful piece. Population: 12 in 66, 0 finer (3/07).
From The Palakika Collection.(: N4719) (PCGS# [87320])
Die #1 Obverse Die Marker, Doubled 85 Bottom, Far Date.
1885-P Proof Obv Die1.jpg
Die #1 Reverse Die Marker Reverse is rotated ccw
Heavy polishing lines left of upper tail feather, and single polishing line inside bow.
1885-P Proof Rev Die1.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-31 Die 1 Proof Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy ©[Heritage Auctions] ATTRIBUTED BY PCGS

1885-P VAM-38 Doubled 5 Top Assigned by LVA 2015

Normal Date
2015 Mhomei Proof D3 review