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1884-P VAM-8J

1884-P VAM-8J Far Date, Denticles, Denticle Impression Leaves

Discovery 2014
8J III2 8 - C3a (Far Date, Denticles, Denticle Impression Leaves) (189) I-2 R-6
Obverse III2 8 -
Die marker - Double diagonal polishing lines below left cotton boll.
Reverse C3a - Two small raised dots in vertical line between left side of wreath bow and adjacent wreath leaf that also has a raised dot at the middle edge plus raised dots at middle edge and left top of next adjacent leaf. Dot spaces are 0.03" or 0.06" between dots on one leaf edge to other leaf edge where leaf cavity didn't allow denticle contact.
Die marker - Dots and polishing lines at wing-neck gap.



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