1884-P VAM-26A

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1884-P VAM-26A High Dash Under 8, Far Date, Clashed N

Discovery 2014 - pacificwr
26A III2 24 - C3a (High Dash Under 8, Far Date, Clashed N ) (190) I-2 R-6
Obverse III 2 24 - Clashed die with faint tick of partial incuse n of IN from reverse showing next to Liberty head neck.
Die Marker: Triangular Die Chip Inside Ear

LVA Comments:
1. New VAM 26A. Has far date with unlisted faint dash under rt 8 and faint clashed n tick at neck. Coin is a fairly EDS, unfortunately a little die wear would erase clashed n and dash.

1. Discovery Coin

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Large Full Coin VAM-26A Images on loan to VAMworld attributed by VSSVariety Slabbing Service.jpg