1884-O VAM-41A

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1884-O VAM-41A Doubled Ear, Far Date, Overlapping Reeding

Discovered by Michael Ash, October 2005.
41A III217 · C3a (Doubled Ear, Far Date, Overlapping Reeding) ( ? ) I-2 R-5
Edge– Reeding on edge is overlapping for about 8 segments at 7 o’clock with some doubling of reeding for 8 segments at 8 o’clock. Same overlapping reeding as for VAM 4 at 7 o’clock.

1. Far date. Note the alignment of the upright of the 4 precisely over the 13th denticle to the right of the bust point.


LVA Plate Photos:

1884-O VAM-41A Overlapping Reeding.jpg

Additional Photos:

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