1884-O VAM-24

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1884-O VAM-24 Doubled 18, Overlapping Reeding

Discovered by Oscar Simpson, April 1977.
24(revised) III2 10 · C3a (Doubled 18, Overlapping Reeding, Polished Neck) (181) I-3 R-4
Obverse III2 10 - 1 doubled as slanted line to left of lower crossbar. First 8 doubled at top left and right outside of upper loop. Ear very slightly doubled at lower right inside. Light scribbling die polishing lines on Liberty head, neck in attempt to remove fine die pitting.
Edge - Reeding on edge is overlapping for about 8 segments at 3 o’clock and 6 segments at 6 o’clock and also at 1 & 4 o’clock.



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1884-O VAM-24 Overlapping Reeding 3 O'clock.jpg1884-O VAM-24 Overlapping Reeding 6 O'clock.jpg

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