1884-O VAM-19A

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1884-O VAM-19A Very Far Date, High O Tilted Left, Die Break Reverse Rt. Star

Discovered by Michael Ash, October 2006 (Originally VAM-32A). Revised 2018 to add Die Break Reverse Rt. Star, three die markers, and to replace Reverse C3a with Reverse C3t, Rod Meader.
19A III2 7 - C3t (Very Far Date, High O Tilted Left, Die Break Reverse Rt. Star) (181) I- 2 R-5
Obverse III2 7 –
Die markers- A few raised dots from rusted die pits back of Liberty head neck. Short die gouge at top of middle wheat leaf between wheat grains.
Reverse C3t – Vertical die crack thru third and fourth leaf clusters from top of right wreath with joining radial die crack to rim below right star with slightly displaced field break at crack junction. II O mint mark set a little high and tilted slightly to left.
Die marker- Horizontal die polishing line or two at top left of eagle's left leg.

1. Former VAM-32A
2. LVA noted doubling of 18 is no longer visible on VAM-19A

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LVA Plate Photos:

1884-O VAM-16A Rust Pits.jpg 1884-O VAM-16A Gouge Wheat Leaf.jpg O84 32ADie BreakStar.jpg

Additional Photos:

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