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1884-CC VAM-7A

1884-CC VAM-7A Doubled 8 Bottom, CC Tilted Left, Die Gouge Cheek, Die Break ATE

Discovery October 2005.
7A III27 · C3e (Doubled 8 Bottom, CC Tilted Left, Die Gouge Cheek, Die Break ATE) (177) I-3 R-6
Reverse C3e– Heavy die cracks at top of STATES with crack extending up to denticles above A and displaced field above ATE. Fine raised rust pits all over eagle and wreaths.


1. [Ron1883 060515]

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The next four photographs are courtesy of Ron1883.
From the VAM-7, there is doubling in the date, notably on the 8, and the CC mint mark is tilted with the top of the second C nearly touching the wreath bow.
The VAM-7A, the current key variety (R-6) for the date, is distinguished by extensive cracking through STATES in the reverse legend. The VAM Update specifies this for VAM-7A. However, it has also been noted on the parent VAM-7 obverse. There is also a die gouge behind the eye on the obverse.


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