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1884-CC Reverses

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1884-CC VAMs

C3a - Large V CC mint mark
 1884-CC VAM-1 Normal Die
 1884-CC VAM-3 Doubled 188 Left 
 1884-CC VAM-3A Doubled 188 Left, Die Break Left Wreath Top 
 1884-CC VAM-4 Spiked Date 
 1884-CC VAM-4A Spiked Date, Pinned Wing Gouge 
 1884-CC VAM-4B Spiked Date, Die Break E 
 1884-CC VAM-9 Dash Under 8 
C3b - First C Doubled
 1884-CC VAM-2 Doubled 18 Top 
 1884-CC VAM-6 Doubled 18 and Left C 
C3c - CC/CC
 1884-CC VAM-5 Far Date, CC/CC 
C3d - CC Tilted Left
 1884-CC VAM-8 CC Tilted Left 
 1884-CC VAM-10 Far Date, CC Tilted Left 
 1884-CC VAM-10A Far Date, CC Tilted Left 
C3e - CC Tilted Left
 1884-CC VAM-7 Doubled 8 Bottom, CC Tilted Left 
 1884-CC VAM-7A Doubled 8 Bottom, CC Tilted Left, Die Gouge Cheek, Die Break ATE