1883-S Reverses

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1883-S VAMs

C3a - S Centered and Upright
Camera.jpg1883-S VAM-1 Normal Die
Camera.jpg1883-S VAM-4 Doubled 1-3
Camera.jpg1883-S VAM-5 Doubled 18
Camera.jpg1883-S VAM-6 Doubled 18-3
Camera.jpg1883-S VAM-7 Tripled First 8, Doubled 1-3
Camera.jpg1883-S VAM-8 Doubled 18-3
Camera.jpg1883-S VAM-9 Doubled 18-3
Camera.jpg1883-S VAM-10 Doubled Date Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Camera.jpg1883-S VAM-11 Doubled 18-3
Set Slightly right & upright
Camera.jpg1883-S VAM-3 Doubled 18
C3b - S Tilted Right
Camera.jpg1883-S VAM-2 S Tilted Right
C3c - IV S mint mark set to left at normal height
White camera Black Border04112011.jpg1883-S VAM-12 Doubled 18-3, S Set Left, Pitted Bow *Revised 2014*
C3d - IV S set slightly left with tilt to left.
Camera.jpg1883-S VAM-13 S Set Left & Tilted Left *New 2017*