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1883-P VAMs

Mintage 12,290,000
Proof Mintage 1,039
Dies Used 62 obv., 59 rev.
Rarity in PL 2/10 (common)
Die Study complete

1883 is one of the most common Philadelphia Morgan dollars. They tend to be lustrous, but often this is a result of die erosion or fine pitting on the dies, both of which compromise the quality of strike. Prooflike coins are not difficult to find for this issue. While many varieties are listed for 1883, many with doubling on the surface of the 18, only the VAM 10, with sextupled obverse stars, has much of a following as a Top 100 VAM. VAM 9, which has strong doubling on the date and some stars, is also an interesting and scarce variety.

Attribution Guides for 1883-P

Official VAM Listing

  1883-P VAM-1 Normal   (multiple dies exist)
  1883-P VAM-1B Pitted Liberty Head  
  1883-P VAM-1C Scratched Eagle  
  1883-P VAM-1E Hub Pitting Below 18  
  1883-P VAM-1F Clashed n  
  1883-P VAM-1G Clashed Obverse n & st, Clashed Reverse M  
  1883-P VAM-2 Low Dash Under 8  
  1883-P VAM-3 High Dash Under 8, Doubled 8-3 & Ear  
  1883-P VAM-4 Doubled 1-83, 8 in Denticles  
  1883-P VAM-5 Doubled 1-3, High 8, Possible 1 Base Between 1 & 8  
  1883-P VAM-5A Doubled 1-3, High 8, Possible 1 Base 18, Clashed Obverse n & st  
  1883-P VAM-6 Low 3, Doubled 1-3  
  1883-P VAM-7 Doubled 18-3, Quadrupled Right Stars  
  1883-P VAM-7A Doubled 18-3, Clashed Obverse n & s  
  1883-P VAM-8 Doubled 18-3  
  1883-P VAM-9 Doubled 18-3, Stars and Motto  
  1883-P VAM-10 Sextupled Stars (Top 100 Morgan VAM)     
  1883-P VAM-11 Doubled 18-3  
  1883-P VAM-11A Doubled 18-3, Clashed Obverse n & st  
  1883-P VAM-12 Doubled 18 
  1883-P VAM-12A Doubled 18, Clashed Obverse n & st  
  1883-P VAM-13 Slanted Date, Doubled 1-3  
  1883-P VAM-14 Doubled 18-3, Pitting Liberty Head  
  1883-P VAM-15 Doubled 18-3, Dash under 8  
  1883-P VAM-16 Doubled 1, Dash  
  1883-P VAM-17 Doubled 8-3, Die Scratch Neck and Chin  
  1883-P VAM-17B Doubled 8-3, Clashed Obverse n, Die Scratches Neck & Chin  
  1883-P VAM-19 Doubled Top of Phrygian Cap  
  1883-P VAM-20 Doubled 18  
  1883-P VAM-21 Doubled 18-3  
  1883-P VAM-22 Scribbles Jaw (PROOF)  
  1883-P VAM-23 Doubled 1-3  
  1883-P VAM-24 Doubled 18-3, Scribbles on Forehead  
  1883-P VAM-24A Doubled 18-3, Scribbles on Forehead,Clashed Obverse n,s, Clashed Reverse M  
  1883-P VAM-24B Doubled 18-3, Scribbles on Forehead, Clashed Obverse n & st  
  1883-P VAM-25 Doubled Ear & 3  
  1883-P VAM-26 Dash Under 8, Doubled 8-3  
  1883-P VAM-27 Doubled 18-3  
  1883-P VAM-28 Doubled 1-3 & UM  
  1883-P VAM-29 Doubled 18-3  
  1883-P VAM-30 Doubled 3, Dash Under 8  
  1883-P VAM-30A Doubled 3, Dash Under 8, Clashed Obverse n, Clashed Reverse M
  1883-P VAM-31 Doubled Left 8 & Cap Top  
  1883-P VAM-32 Tripled 1, Doubled 8  
  1883-P VAM-33 Doubled 18  
  1883-P VAM-34 Doubled 18-3  
  1883-P VAM-35 Doubled 18-3, Tripled Earlobe  
  1883-P VAM-36 Doubled 18-3  
  1883-P VAM-37 Doubled 18-3, Pitted Reverse  
  1883-P VAM-38 Doubled Doubled 18-3  
  1883-P VAM-39 Doubled 8-3  
  1883-P VAM-39A Doubled 8-3. Clashed Obverse n
  1883-P VAM-40 Doubled Ear & 3  
  1883-P VAM-41 Doubled Ear & 8-3  
  1883-P VAM-42 Doubled 3, Dash Under 8  
  1883-P VAM-43 Doubled 8-3  
  1883-P VAM-44 Doubled 8-3  
  1883-P VAM-45 Doubled 8-3  
  1883-P VAM-46 Doubled 18-3  
  1883-P VAM-47 Doubled 8-3, Short High Dash Under 8  
  1883-P VAM-48 Doubled 18-3, Dot Behind Eye
  1883-P VAM-48A Doubled 18-3, Dot Behind Eye, Clashed n,st  
  1883-P VAM-49 Doubled 8, Pitted Dies  

List of Past VAM Assignments

 1883-P VAM-1A Clashed Obverse n   (Eliminated 2018, Became VAM-39 and/or VAM-49)
 1883-P VAM-1D Clashed Obverse n & st  (Eliminated, Became VAM-24B)
 1883-P VAM-17A Doubled 8-3, Clashed Obverse n (Eliminated 2014)
 1883-P VAM-18 Quadrupled Right Stars (Eliminated. Became VAM-7)
 1883-P VAM-18A Quadrupled Right Stars, Clashed Obverse n & st (Eliminated. Became VAM-7A)

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