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1883-O VAM-63

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1883-O VAM-63

Discovery 2017 By Fogie

63 III2 37 - C3s (Doubled 18-3, O set High, Die Chips Ear) (181) I-2 R-6
Obverse - Doubled 18-3 with 1 at top and right of vertical shaft, left 8 slightly at lower left inside of both loops and 3 slightly at bottom inside of lower loop. Die marker - Left 8 has raised die chip on right side of upper loop. Polishing line in upper hair curl.
Reverse - II O mint mark set slightly high. Die marker - Polishing lines in wing-neck gap.

1- This is a "2 for 1". The 1883-O VAM 63A has been discovered but the VAM 63 (no beveling below tail feathers) is just a place holder and has NOT yet been seen.
It should also be mentioned that the discovery piece has some nice die chips in the ear that could make nice Die Markers.


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